CétaMada is a Malagasy association for marine mammals protection in Indian Ocean. It leads scientific research programs and tourists and local population raising sensitization.


Between July and September, the humpback whales return to their place of birth, in the warm water of Madagascar, to give birth and reproduction, after feeding in the Antarctic Ocean.


Every year, Princesse Bora Lodge and Spa, by joining with CétaMada, offers the unique opportunity to meet these cetaceans. An eco-guide, a whale specialist, stays for the season in the Lodge to supervise expeditions, collect scientific data and lead conferences.


Thanks to your interest and to your participation, you will actively contribute to the protection of these giants of the seas, financing the NGO and increasing the scientific database.


The specialists will show you how they work and collect these data: photo identification, GPS tracking, songs recording with hydrophone, genetic collecting, behavioral study, etc.
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Anjaranay Community Center

The Anjaranay center is a partnership between the Malagasy association CétaMada and the Swiss association Solférino whose main objective is the structures and programs setup to support the local development of local communities in order to improve the living conditions of people of Sainte-Marie.


Throughout the year, Princesse Bora Lodge and Spa joins the center to offer coastal populations alternatives to fishing by training in crafts, agriculture, apiculture and aquaculture, in order to limit the increasing pressure on the various marine habitats.
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